crafter’s elbow

I need to slow down.

After having to ice my wrist for the past four nights, I realize that I cannot keep up my current production speed.  On a typical day, I’ll come home from work, eat a quick dinner, and get working.  This was especially true the day the mega paper cutter arrived.  I don’t think I stopped making notebooks for three hours.  It was exhilarating…until it was painful.
Last December, Ian and I did the Bread & Yoga holiday fair.  One item I was selling was crocheted headbands, which turned out to be much more popular than I had expected.  I had about six of them in my inventory, of different sizes and colors (with variegated yarn, so each one was unique).  A woman approached and asked if I had any smaller sizes in gray.  Instead of saying a simple no,(and maybe getting her contact info so I could send one by mail), I said I could take the larger one apart and make her a new one if she came back in 20 minutes.  
I did not anticipate the rush of customers that came as I was crocheting up a frenzy, and when my customer came back, I was not done.  After five additional minutes, my hasty headband was too tight.  I had to admit that I had messed up.
The customer was a bit disappointed, but she was gracious.  I offered her a discount on any of the other colors, which she declined.  And I vowed to stop when crafting started stressing me out.  
So now that I am prepping for the Bust Craftacular at the World Maker Faire: New York, I have to keep this in mind.  I’ve already made 70 catnip fish, 50 notebooks, 20 pill dolls, 30 felt envelopes and a bunch of hair clips and earrings.  And poor Taco is permanently high on catnip.  Poor little man.

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